Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of School

My baby boy is growing up. Here he is on his first day of kindergarten:

So far, so good! Caden is doing much better about this transition then I am. I am thrilled that he’s super excited about school, that he loves his unbelievably awesome teacher Mr. Woody and that he is completely pumped about all the fun events coming up – like pajama day! But couldn’t he pretend to miss me just a little? :)


About Bobbi... said...

Oh my gosh! My, how time flies. Wow, he's so BIG.

I remember when he was just born. sniff....


bobbi c.

Betzie said...

Hi Amy!
Hey, wait until he goes away to college like my youngest did this year! BOOO HOOOOO ENJOY this age while you nest is empty and I wish I could turn back time. Adorable pics!