Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rocktacular Birthday Bash!

Hello Everyone!
Wondering where I’ve been? Well, once again I disappeared for the month of September to indulge my darling son by creating the party of his dreams for his 6th birthday. This year Caden requested a Rock Star themed party for all of his school friends. What we gave him was hopefully an unforgettable Rocktacular Birthday Bash!

Here is the invitation I designed (with plenty of Mr. C’s input):

Here is the Rocktacular Stage:

We purchased Rock Band 2 as part of the Rock Star entertainment (which hopefully explains why the performers below have their backs facing the audience):

Rock Band 2 was a little complicated for some of the kids and absolutely addicting for others.

Those who were not participating in the video performance were given guitars and microphones from the waiting Skeleton Crew:

Here is a closer look at the Skeleton Crew (these four creepy guys were a huge hit!):

The guests used the guitars and microphones to perform their own Rock Star gigs outside. And wouldn’t you know, some of the guests started acting like *real* Rock Stars as they made a game out of beating each other with the inflatable guitars! Oh my – wish I had taken photos of that!

And of course what Celebrity Rock Star event is complete with out the SWAG! (Stuff We All Get) Here are the gift items and Rocker accessories all of the little Rock Star guests received:

The celebrities received skull rings, hats, spike bracelets, rock and skull themed pencils, bouncy balls, tattoos, and all the candy they could eat!

And they were treated to custom designed, homemade (Grammy Mable’s recipe), hand painted Guitar sugar cookies (which, by the way, took me 18 hours to make!):

Here are the Guitar cookies on one of the displays:

Of course after consuming masses of delicious sugary goodness the buzzing Rock Stars needed to disperse some of that wild energy by dressing in their new accessories as they primped and posed in front of the full length Rock Star Mirror:

And lots of fun was had selling tickets from the ticket booth.

They also greatly enjoyed the frighteningly vicious beat down of the guitar piñata as seen below:

And my favorite event was when they played the Dance Party Freeze game (Jeannie’s brilliant idea!) where they rocked their brains out and then froze in their most Rocktacular Rock Star pose as the music stopped:

It was hilarious! The kids really got into as you can probably tell from Caden’s look of ecstasy above.

Some of the Rock Stars stopped Rockin Out long enough for pictures, like these four beautiful starlets:

But mostly they ran around the house in a candy powered blur, like Caden:

Then it was time for Rock Star Birthday Cake! So before plying our little Rockers full of MORE sugar we decided to send them on a nature hike (think: Celebrity Detox) – which they may or may not have enjoyed but at least it calmed them down enough for the cake event…

Caden requested Guitar cakes; I made a White (Vanilla with Vanilla frosting), Red (Red Velvet with Caramel frosting) and Black (Chocolate w Chocolate frosting) Guitar cake:

And the Rock Stars waited *patiently* as we served the cakes:

By the way, The Mr. and I also put on Rock costumes. Here we are below:

I’m obviously very serious about serving cake. If you can’t tell, I hate to have my picture taken! But you would have been in for a laugh had you seen me in person in my full rock regalia! I let Caden pick out my ensemble and I’m guessing it wasn’t completely *appropriate*. But my embarrassing duds made Caden SO happy and it was his birthday… :)

Anyway – here are the Rock Stars enjoying their cake:

Here is the whole group waving to the camera:

Here are the hard core Rockers who broke off from the group to form the new punk rock band entitled “Cade’s Wrath!”:

And that concludes my report on Caden’s Rocktacular Birthday Bash. The party was truly a great success! We managed to keep 22 children extremely happy and entertained for four hours and hopefully left them with great memories to last a lifetime. I know it is something Caden will never forget. I want to send a great big Thank You to all of our wonderful party guests who helped to make Caden's Birthday so great and an extra special thanks to all of the parents that stayed to help! It was an amazing day!

If you are interested in seeing Caden’s Carnival Birthday Party click HERE.

Now time to get back to work! I’m off to get some painting in before my upcoming solo show. The “WILDFLOWER MEADOW” exhibition Opening Reception is Saturday October 24th 5-7 pm at AVA gallery. Please save the date!

And stay tuned! I’ll be posting new paintings soon!