Saturday, October 03, 2009

Wounded Coyote

Yesterday this poor wounded coyote took a refuge in our yard:

The coyote’s left hind leg seemed to be causing him quite a lot of pain as you can probably tell from the way he’s holding himself in the photos. My heart ached for this beautiful creature but somehow I refrained from going out there with food and first aid. Oh how I dream of taming all of our wild animals and living the life of Snow White. Couldn’t you just imagine this sweet fuzzy guy sleeping on the couch?

Speaking of our wild animal friends, we were able to see our friend Max the Fox in action earlier this week as we witnessed him charging a line of 12 wild turkeys on the driveway. It was hilarious the way Max boldly ran after them and much to his surprise they turned back around and chased after him. Caden and I were hollering out the door “Run, Max, Run!” Those turkeys looked to be twice the size of him (and mad!). Such a brave and foolish guy! I wished I had taken pictures! Whatever the case, we were glad to see him in good health and up to his usual antics. He doesn’t make quite as many appearances at the house as he used to, so it is a relief to know he’s alive and thriving.

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