Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nancy’s Party Report

Nancy’s Exalted Beauty Medallion party was a titillating triumph! This is the part where I was going to post a naughty picture of Jackie suggestively modeling her new Snowflake medallion but instead I will present these very lovely G rated shots of my glamorous Aunt In Law Nancy and The Divine Mz. Jacquelyn posing in the sun room where I’ve had the honor of setting up not one, but two medallion exhibitions this year (Thank you Nancy!!!):

Here’s a closer look at my beautiful in-laws modeling their new Snowflake medallions:

While you can see for yourself how completely adorable Nancy and Jackie are I’m afraid my photos did not do the set up in Nancy’s stunning new sun room justice. It really did look great! I attempted to provide a more through visual report for the event; but unfortunately my few photos of the room with its crowd of medallion shoppers turned out as a blur (I was obviously quite distracted!).

Nancy’s Medallion party truly was a wonderful event with a phenomenal turn out. I was delighted to see many familiar faces and thrilled to be introduced to some really great new women! Many of my previous party hostesses were in attendance as well (The Exalted Royalty!). It was really an amazing time! I had so much fun! Everyone greatly enjoyed Nancy’s unique menu of delicious home made soups, along with her fabulous gourmet accouterments and deserts, not to mention the giant mountain of chocolate chip cookies which were absolutely to die for! Rhonda’s colorful array of Jello Shots were also big hit! An entertaining evening was had by all. Nancy is totally the hostesses with the mostess! And a huge thank you to Jackie for all of her hard work setting up and taking down the extensive medallion display! You Ladies Rock!

The Sales Trends for the evening leaned heavily toward the new Snowflake Medallion collection (only 12 left!) Nancy requested (she obviously has exquisite taste and I should honor all of her collection requests!). Pieces from the Pearl Blossom collection were also a big hit and then the remaining sales tended to be spread evenly across the rest of the collections (of which there are a total of 49 to date). White was the most purchased color of the evening. This result is in stark contrast to the Sales Trends at my recent AVA Wildflower Meadow exhibition. Kiku (AVA’s Exhibition coordinator) reported that COLOR was what everyone was seeking from the Wildflower Medallion collection, along with an inclination toward the two-tone pieces and the more whimsical designs with balls.

Sales from both events have been posted, click HERE to see the updated Exalted Beauty Medallion catalogs.

If you would like an opportunity to see the Exalted Beauty Medallions in person, they will be available at the following events:

AVA’s Holiday Sale and Exhibition
November 27- December 30
Opening Reception:
Friday November 27, 5-7pm

AVA Gallery and Art Center

Saturday, November 28th 10am – 5pm
Hanover Inn,
Hanover, NH 03755

The Holiday Group Show
November 20 – January 2
Red Roof Gallery

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