Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Syncopation Medallions

Here is the first look at the new Exalted Beauty Syncopation Medallion collection:

“Syncopation has been an important element of musical composition since at least the Middle Ages. For some musical styles, such as jazz and ragtime, syncopation is an essential part of their character.”
To learn more about Syncopation go HERE

Click here to see the new Exalted Beauty Syncopation Medallion catalog!

Wondering how Syncopation came to fruition?
Here’s a glimpse into my creative process: My main goal was to create something fun and abstract that coordinated well with some new accent beads I recently purchased. The first thought was to mimic the splashy painterly feel of the new beads. But somehow the original concept evolved and the medallions took on a life of their own. While I was sculpting, an odd feeling of familiarity set in, as if there were a memory or sensation tugging at my subconscious, but the answer as to what these medallions were, or felt like, refused to surface. At first I was thinking circuitry, motherboards or even alien spaceships, but it was my son Caden who determined that these pieces looked like brass instruments! That was the “ah-ha!” instant. He’s obviously brilliant. So I shared this with my friend Nina and she came up with the equally brilliant collection title, Syncopation. Love it. So there you have it, the story of how the Exalted Beauty Syncopation Medallions came to be.

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