Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Year End Review

Here is what happened in 2009:

13 Painting Exhibitions/Competitions:
* N.A.W.A. 120th Anniversary Exhibition at Penn State

* N.A.W.A. Small Works Competition
* Dr. Schell
* AVA Silent Auction
* N.A.W.A. 120th Annual Exhibition
* Montshire Museum
* N.A.W.A.’s Artrageous Competition
* Plainfield Annual Exhibition
* AVA Gallery's 16th Annual Juried Summer Exhibition
* Cornish Art Show
* Wildflower Meadow Solo Exhibition AVA Gallery
* Red Roof Gallery Holiday Group Exhibition
* AVA Gallery Annual Holiday Group Exhibition

41 New Paintings:
* 21 Poppy Paintings
* 9 Garden Room Squares
* 4 Blackberry Blossom Paintings
* House in the Meadow
* 6 Meadow Tales
+ almost 200 Hare sketches

12 Medallion Showings:
* Lynn and Julie
* Martha
* Penny
* Monica
* Nancy
* Melissa
* Keely
* Nancy
* Hanover Inn
* Red Roof

6 New Medallion Collections:
* The Syncopation Collection
* The Snowflake Collection
* The Wildflower Collection
* The Flourish Collection
* The Reliquary Collection
* The Divinity Collection

Ongoing Medallion Exhibits:
* Wolfeboro Casuals

* 80+ Photographic Presentations showcasing flora and fauna from “The Living Painting” See: Photography, Wildflowers and Wildlife

Caden Focused Projects:
* Rocktacular Birthday Bash
* 2009 Halloween Costume
* Christmas Ornaments

Current Projects:
* Opera North (Deadline January 29th)
* The Loon Project a fundraiser for David's House (Deadline February 7th - details coming soon)
* 2 New Exalted Beauty Medallion Collections: Geared and Athena (coming soon!)

That's it for The Year End Review of 2009! As you can see from my list of Current Projects, 2010 has already begun with a bang! I’m looking forward to completing the projects listed above as well as many more art endeavors this year. I hope you will continue to join me as I chronicle my journey in painting, medallion making, inspiration, family and life!

Best wishes to you and yours in the New Year! Have a happy, healthy and productive 2010!

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