Sunday, February 28, 2010

Loon Reception

We attended the Opening Reception for the Loon Project at The Center in Eastman for David's House. Here are some (rather terrible as I was extremely distracted) photos from the event:

Charlie Taber did an amazing job with the loon displays; the artwork looked fantastic! The Opening Reception was very well attended, and greatly celebrated by a wonderful group of extremely happy, charitable people. I especially enjoyed meeting the other artists and seeing their fabulous loony works of art in person. We truly had a lovely time. Although, my cheeks are still burning from the chiding I received over the (85) hours I spent painting my loon.

Here is a closer look at "The Exalted Loon":

"The Exalted Loon" garnered a very generous bid and now happily resides in the home of a well respected local philanthropist. Overall, the Loon Project and Winter Fest Weekend at The Center in Eastman was a tremendous success, raising over $14,000 for David's House. I am both proud and honored to have participated in this very worthy cause.

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