Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Ro Party Report!

Ro’s Exalted Beauty Medallion party was lots of fun last night. This was Ro’s fourth time as an EBM party hostess! The evening was a bit quieter then some of the past Ro extravaganzas but a great time nonetheless! I’m still laughing!

Here is an amusing shot of some of the ladies shopping:

And I couldn’t resist sharing this rather grainy close up of Ro and Amanda from above – OMG - their expressions are completely priceless!

They love their medallions! My Medallion ladies are the BEST!

Thank you Ro-Ro for all of your encouragement and enthusiasm, as well as for inducting so many new followers into the cult of the Exalted Ones!

The sales trends for the evening were across the board but leaning more toward geometrics in spring colors. Surprisingly, quite a few snowflakes were purchased with spring and summer outfits in mind. I see the Exalted Ones keeping very cool in the months ahead. Sales from the event have been posted; click HERE to see the updated Exalted Beauty Medallion catalogs.

Another great big THANK YOU to my super fabulous *surprise guest” nurse Lynn-E who showed up after a late shift to entertain us and assist in the breakdown. So awesome!

Last but not least, I would like to thank my darling, charming, most excellent husband for all of his hard work setting up. He rocks.

Don’t forget that TONIGHT is the Silent Auction Party at AVA Gallery and Art Center!
5:30-7:30 PM

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Current Events

Ro’s Exalted Beauty Medallion Party!
Friday, March 26th, 2010. 5:30pm

AVA Silent Auction Party!
Saturday, March 27th, 2010. 5:30–7:30pm

Twin Valley Hockey Banquet!
Sunday, March 28th, 2010. 1:30-4pm

Coming Soon:

Montshire Museum’s “The Night Sparkles”!
Friday, May 7th, 2010. 6:00pm


Here is an updated list of the Exalted Beauty Medallion Collections that have been SOLD OUT:

Copper (2005)
Countenance (2005)
Gold (2005)
Stained Glass (2006)
Spirally (2006)
Heart (2006)
Black (2006)
Antique Gold (2006)
Floral (2006)
Rhinestone (2006)
Summer (2006)
Charmed Life (2006)
Resin (2006)
Tapestry (2006)
Frost (2006)
Ornament (2006)
Sparkling Elegance (2007)
Spiralicious (2007)

See the Exalted Beauty Medallion Catalog Index for a closer look at the SOLD OUT collections.

But don’t worry! Most of the sold out collections are not new *news*, I’m presently doing inventory and updating the Exalted Beauty catalogs before Ro-Ro’s Big Medallion Bash Friday night! I still have over 1,000 Exalted Beauty Medallions in stock, including the brand new 2010 Athena and Geared collections.

Happy Shopping!
Hope to see you at Ro's!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

AVA Class Brochure

I am thrilled to announce that my work is currently featured in AVA Gallery’s Spring/Summer Class Brochure!

The beautiful cover art is by Meghan Hicks:

“Our class brochure cover image was painted by Meghan Hicks, a Lebanon junior high student, during an ART STOP! session last November. She was inspired by the paintings of Amy E. Fraser, whose work was on display at AVA”

Congratulations Meghan! I am so unbelievably honored that the Wildflower Meadow Exhibition inspired such a brilliant masterpiece!

Here is a look at the back cover featuring my recent paintings created for Opera North:

Click HERE for a closer look at the “La Bohème” and “Don Giovanni” Paintings

The stage is set for Opera North and AVA! AVA Gallery and Opera North continue to strengthen their ongoing creative relationship with many exciting collaborative events this spring and summer. See the class brochure for details!

The Champions

Last weekend was filled with thrills and chills as the Twin Valley Flyers House Mites reigned over the ice. Here is a look at the House Mite Champions from the 14th Annual Twin Valley Invitational Tournament:

Here is the article from The Eagle Times:

Mites take 5-3 win for the title

This past weekend youth hockey was in full swing at Kimball Union Academy’s Ackerstrom Arena.

The House Mites is a new very young team to Twin Valley. Players age 5-7 with just one year of learning to play hockey started playing full ice games in late February.

Friday night they stepped on the ice for their very first hockey tournament.

The Flyers defeated the Hanover Purple and Green teams and tied Hanover White to advance to the championship game.

On Sunday afternoon it was the flyers facing off against the Hanover White team for their first title ever.

Twin Valley came out strong and scored the first two goals. Twins Patrick and Jacob Hyjek set up two beautiful goals in the first period.

Hanover answered early in the second period with a goal of their own. Then it was Ian Schell who took a pass from Max VanDijk for a shot into the net.

Kyra Russman-Araya and Lukasz Ricci then set-up Patrick Hyjek again in front of the net.

Hanover rallied with 2 more goals setting the score 4-3.

Late in the third Jacob Hyjek took a pass from CADEN PERKINS to seal the 5-3 victory.

The Flyer defense made up of Haley McNamara, Jonathan Cloud, Cole Foss and VanDijk did a superb job keeping the puck away from Hanover.

Goal tender Gavin Harriman did an outstanding job between the pipes with 12 saves.

The Flyers are coached by Matt Foss, JODY PERKINS, Eric Russman, and Tom Schell.


Spring seems to be arriving a bit early this year. The animals have once again surrounded our house in a flurry of activity. Lately it seems as though I could spend every hour of every day photographing crazy wildlife antics happening right outside our windows. Deer charging turkeys, red and gray squirrels’ battle around the bird feeder, woodpeckers chop down trees, crows call council in the four oaks, and the Chickadees swarm the dormant wildflower gardens scrounging for leftover seeds. I couldn’t resist sharing some of the wildlife adventures taking place in our very busy backyard: