Thursday, March 25, 2010


Here is an updated list of the Exalted Beauty Medallion Collections that have been SOLD OUT:

Copper (2005)
Countenance (2005)
Gold (2005)
Stained Glass (2006)
Spirally (2006)
Heart (2006)
Black (2006)
Antique Gold (2006)
Floral (2006)
Rhinestone (2006)
Summer (2006)
Charmed Life (2006)
Resin (2006)
Tapestry (2006)
Frost (2006)
Ornament (2006)
Sparkling Elegance (2007)
Spiralicious (2007)

See the Exalted Beauty Medallion Catalog Index for a closer look at the SOLD OUT collections.

But don’t worry! Most of the sold out collections are not new *news*, I’m presently doing inventory and updating the Exalted Beauty catalogs before Ro-Ro’s Big Medallion Bash Friday night! I still have over 1,000 Exalted Beauty Medallions in stock, including the brand new 2010 Athena and Geared collections.

Happy Shopping!
Hope to see you at Ro's!

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