Saturday, April 24, 2010

New England Aquarium

Here is a pictorial overview of our recent trip to Boston and the New England Aquarium:

If you can’t tell from the photos above, Caden is absolutely fanatical about Penguins! They were obviously his favorite exhibit at the Aquarium but he was also very impressed with the Sea Turtles and the Sharks. He also seemed to be quite taken with the Piranhas as well. My favorites were the Sea Dragons, Sea Horses, Jellies and the Lionfish. I also enjoyed looking at the Sea Anemones and Sea Stars. The Mr. liked the Sea Lions, Sea Turtles and I think he was secretly disturbed by the electric eel – I mean that thumping electric pulse meter was kind of horror movie creepy. Overall, despite an unexpected bit of rain during our tour of Quincy Market, we had a fantastic family adventure!

Goony Goobers

Here are Caden and crew goofing around at the shelter found above our property line on the KUA trail:

We all enjoyed the impromptu play date and woodland hike earlier this week.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Here are more photos and information on the Wildflower Meadow’s Windflowers from years past:

2007 Windflowers
2008 Windflowers
2009 Windflowers

Purple Trillium

Here are more photos and information on the Wildflower Meadow’s Purple Trillium from years past:

2007 Birthroot
2008 Birthroot Buds
2008 Purple Trillium
2009 Purple Trillium

Early Daffodils

These delightfully sunny daffodils have been popping up all over the neighborhood:

The spring flowers seem to have arrived a month earlier then usual, at least that’s according to the dates on the photos from years past. Here are some of my previous Daffodil posts:

2008 Sunny Daffodils
2009 Daffodil Delights

Siberian Squill

I absolutely love this tiny blue beauty!

The stripes, the color palette, the breath taking drama! Stunning!

See more photos of our Siberian Squill here:

2008 Siberian Squill
2009 Siberian Squill

Mini Rhododendron

Here are some shots of the mini Rhododendrons found next to KUA:

I couldn’t resist shooting a few pictures on the walk home from Caden’s after school program. I greatly admire the Rhododendron’s profusion of pretty pink flowers but I must admit I am not a fan of the leathery looking bush the rest of the year. Meaning I doubt you’ll see any of these plants nestled in our landscape when the final projects come to fruition at the Exalted Beauty Estate. However I truly enjoy seeing them in our neighborhood as they are a happy harbinger of Spring’s forthcoming floriferous parade of beauty! Go Spring!