Saturday, April 24, 2010

New England Aquarium

Here is a pictorial overview of our recent trip to Boston and the New England Aquarium:

If you can’t tell from the photos above, Caden is absolutely fanatical about Penguins! They were obviously his favorite exhibit at the Aquarium but he was also very impressed with the Sea Turtles and the Sharks. He also seemed to be quite taken with the Piranhas as well. My favorites were the Sea Dragons, Sea Horses, Jellies and the Lionfish. I also enjoyed looking at the Sea Anemones and Sea Stars. The Mr. liked the Sea Lions, Sea Turtles and I think he was secretly disturbed by the electric eel – I mean that thumping electric pulse meter was kind of horror movie creepy. Overall, despite an unexpected bit of rain during our tour of Quincy Market, we had a fantastic family adventure!