Monday, June 28, 2010

All Star Game

Caden had a very exciting All Star Game this weekend. Here he is enjoying the big finale with Lebanon T-ball:

The Mr. said that Caden has vastly improved his baseball skills this year and has shown great enthusiasm and aptitude for the game. After the first annual All Star Game was concluded, the ball players and families enjoyed a big buffet of snacks and pizza. Coach Steve did an absolutely amazing job of getting this event organized. The kids were unbelievably thrilled to receive trophies and will have wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

Terri’s Flowers

Caden and I recently had a play date with our neighbors from around the way, Terri and Zoey. As Caden and Zoey ran around like maniacs I learned a lot from Terri about her beautiful flowers. Here is just a small sampling from Terri’s floriferous gardens of lush abundance:


Swim Lessons

Here is Caden enjoying his first week of swimming lessons:

As you can see from the blue lips and tightly huddled positions above, the water is pretty cold. The kids (well at least most of them) braved through the chill and worked diligently on the lessons. They were even rewarded with some time in the Big Pool at the end of each lesson. Caden has had lots of fun, made some new friends and is looking forward to the next two weeks of swim lessons.

Fading Luna Moth

Caden and Jody discovered this Luna Moth:

It appears to be on it’s last leg, but as always, they are a wondrous sight to behold.

Rainy Day Goldfinch

This bit of sunshine arrived on the window sill during a rainy afternoon:

The photo isn’t clear but this bright yellow beauty is an American Goldfinch, which happens to be Caden’s new favorite bird. His grandmother recently gave him an American Goldfinch stuffy that makes the bird’s call, providing hours of entertainment. He wanted me to include a photo of his stuffy here, but I’ll pass for now. I hope to get better photos of the living birds in the near future, as they’ve become frequent visitors.

Potager Foe

This is the latest enemy of the garden, Mr. Chipmunk. Here he is unabashedly digging up some freshly planted spinach seeds:

This little guy has pretty much dug up every new seed I’ve planted. He is destroying my Potager dreams! I’ve come to the conclusion that he thinks it’s a game and that I, as his new best friend, am simply finding new and interesting ways to hide his delicious treats. In fact, he now comes running out to greet us as we come out to the garden. If he weren’t so cute I might take up the Mr.’s offer to “get rid of him”.

Lazy Cat

Here’s Tonka in his usual spot in the studio:

Looks like he’s resting his eyes a bit after some heavy reading.

Turkey Mama

This Turkey Mama and her brood have become permanent residents of our yard:

She and her seven poults have been circling around the house all day, everyday for about the last month.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Red Spotted Newts

Here’s Caden proudly showing off his Red Spotted Newt collection:

All newts were safely released back into the meadow.

Young Buck

This beautiful young buck decided to hang out in the yard for a visit today:

He played in Caden’s playground:

And munched happily on some of my Wildflowers growing in the back bank:

Bouncy House Party

There was a last day of school party at Sarah’s house where the bouncy house was in full swing. Here are Caden and Sam acting like caged animals:

Perhaps they looked a bit like Sarah’s rowdy, yet fun loving Alpacas:

It wasn’t all crazy bouncy animal action though; there were a few moments of peace, like this idyllic scene on the porch:

As well as this sweet moment with Sarah and Caden walking off into the horizon:

Everyone enjoyed a very special goodbye on their last day of Kindergarten.

I want to send out a huge Thank You to Sarah’s parents for hosting such a memorable event at their very beautiful home.