Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Backyard Flower Garden

The Living Painting is a continually evolving concept; with each season, we try to improve our landscape a project at a time…

Here is a look at the backyard flower garden started in 2007:

Since then, lots of patience and reseeding has gone into getting the Wildflowers to fill in and eventually thrive on such a steep bank with heavy clay for soil. This year the backyard flower garden actually looks like the garden it was intended to be.

Here it is now with this year’s improvements:

I have added a set of seven slate stairs curling up the back bank toward Caden’s playground and accented the new stairs with a large scale curving stonewall that dwindles down to a new block border that better defines the Wildflower area from the lawn:

As with all of the projects this spring, this too is still a work in progress. I’m currently finishing off the top of the stonewall and will soon be planting grass seed to cover my recent excavation work. We also hope to add a split rail fence to the top edge in the near future…

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