Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Big K Circus

Ringmaster Woodie did an amazing job with the Big K Circus! They had Gymnasts, Wild Animals, Strong Men and of course (the dreaded!) CLOWNS!

Those of you who know me, know I *secretly* HATE clowns! But I tried my best to remain positive when Caden said that was his assigned character for the Big K Circus. Apparently they didn’t need any Penguins for the performance. Anyway, even though witnessing the curly red wig and stripped overalls on Caden had my skin crawling for days, I did enjoy seeing the little actor perform his heart out. He was obviously having a blast as he was barely able to contain the springing action of his feet!

See what I mean?

Here he is receiving surgery from his fellow clowns:

And here is the entire Big K Circus cast:

This moment is bitter sweet because it marks the end of the year and Caden’s last days with the absolute best kindergarten teacher on earth – the world famous Mr. Woodie!!!

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