Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Strawberries and Chives

When the new gardening season began the Mr. complained about having to once again rototill around the perennial Strawberries and Chives planted in the vegetable garden. I agreed that it was in fact annoying, so I decided to plant the Strawberries and Chives in a new location. Little did I know, that of course meant I needed to design a whole new garden space for them, which not only led to one stone wall, but two, as well as a redesign for last year’s “Rock Garden”, including a new “weed free” flagstone area.

Here is a look at my new Strawberry and Chive garden:

Later, I happily discovered that Strawberries and Chives are Companion plants and have been doing famously since their transplant. This is obviously still a work in progress; I have to complete the flagstone area and plant grass seed to fill in the bare spots. I hope to post an after shot in the near future...

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