Monday, July 12, 2010

Evil Groundhog

Here is the most malicious and diabolical of all vegetable garden enemies, the Groundhog:

This cute and fuzzy rodent is on the rock pile next to the *Potager*, relaxing, after digging a hole under the newly constructed fence!

Below is a view of him contemplating all the delicious veggies he would soon ravish after his hard day’s work:

The worst part is, after I took this photo I checked around the garden and hadn’t spotted the hole, so I assumed I scared him off before it was too late. Unfortunately I was SO wrong. The Groundhog (Gopher, Woodchuck) struck later in the evening and destroyed the dwarf sunflowers, ate the tops off of the green beans and peppers, plowed through the spinach and lettuce, sampled some tomato plants and celery and then topped off his feast with a healthy portion of the Nasturtium crop! Argh! I’m starting to feel like Bill Murray in Caddyshack!

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