Monday, August 23, 2010

Duxbury Beach

We just got back from a wonderfully relaxing trip to Duxbury Beach. It was the ideal last hurrah to complete our PERFECT summer. Here’s a look at our mini-vacation at Duxbury Beach:

Once again much enjoyment was had with both sea and surf; the air was warm and breezy, the Atlantic a toasty 68 degrees and the sand perfect for sculpting. Caden met a new friend, Maggie; they entertained one another with their ingenious sand engineering skills. Caden also gave a repeat foot sculpting performance, this time creating a giant stone bedazzled shoe, an artistic achievement equal to “the big foot” sculpted previously at Old Orchard Beach. We enjoyed a lengthy exploration of the beach; we walked miles while discovering beautiful treasures of rocks, shells, tiny sand dollars and a wide variety of sea life (both living and dead). We also spent quite a bit of time playing with Hermit Crabs and talking to Seagulls. Overall our trip to Duxbury Beach was a memorable finish to the Best Summer Ever.

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Cornish Fair

Caden and his best gal pal Zoey had some country fresh fun at the Cornish Fair. Here is a pictorial overview of their very exciting afternoon:

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The Opera!

Caden and I spent a phenomenal afternoon at The Opera with our friends M.A. and Luke. Here is Caden doing his best Cool Dude pose next to the Don Giovanni poster:

I think my favorite part of the afternoon, beyond the undoubtedly amazing performance, was watching the joy and awe it inspired in my six year old son. I was thrilled with his response to the production. A fabulous time was had by all! Opera North truly brought NYC quality arts to little old Lebanon, NH. I’m so proud to have played at least a small roll in this event. A Great BIG Congratulations to Opera North and their well deserved success!!!


We have greatly enjoyed the hummingbirds that *Summer* in our yard; they constantly charm us with their acrobatic flying skills, inquisitive demeanor and dazzling personalities. Over the years the Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds have been a frequent sight in the Wildflower Meadow but this year they have really come up close and personal with the introduction of flowers to the vegetable garden. The Potager has been absolutely buzzing with hummingbird activity; they love the Zinnias and Nasturtiums. Here are a few of my attempts to catch these sparkling green gems in action:

I’ll try for better photos, but they seem to know when I’m without the camera because that’s always when they get the closest, hovering face to face, as if they are as curious about us as we are them.

In the western world, many traditional cultures have developed a mysterious bond with this magnificent tiny creature; imbuing the hummingbird with powerful religious and spiritual significance. For example, some view the hummingbird as an important symbol of resurrection. This is because the hummingbird appears lifeless on cold nights, but it comes back to life again when the miraculous sunrise brings warmth. Hummingbirds are also considered to be symbols of peace, pure love, joy and happiness. Ancient pagans held them sacred for their tireless energy and anxiety. In mythology they are seen as messengers and given the ability to stop time. Hummingbirds are said to represent the qualities of sweetness and optimism, inspiring wonder and the celebration of life. The hummingbird is said to teach us to laugh and enjoy earth’s bounty and Mother Nature’s creation, to help us appreciate the magic of being alive, and to discover the truth of beauty.

If you can’t tell I am a huge Hummingbird fan! Here are a few examples of my work that features Hummingbirds:

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Soccer Camp

Caden spent an amazing week with the Lightning Soccer Club coached by Charles Mhlauri. Here is a pictorial overview of Caden’s exhilarating experience at Soccer Camp: