Friday, August 06, 2010

American Goldfinch

“American Goldfinch” is the eighth entry in Caden’s 2010 Summer Journal project:

Caden’s new favorite bird is the American Goldfinch, a favorite since receiving an American Goldfinch stuffy from his grandmother earlier this summer.

The Journal project has turned into more of a sketchbook of Caden’s interests rather then a report on his summer. Whatever the case, showing off his drawings has him reliving happy stories of his summer and evoked a true sense of pride in the “Masterpieces” he has accomplished. As far as Caden’s drawing this summer, I feel he has greatly improved upon his skills of observation and he has shown a greater willingness to listen to direction and suggestions. He also seems to be developing a sense of space and composition, and beginning to think about line and texture and often on his own will discuss how colors work together. If you ask me, that’s pretty awesome for a high energy six year old.

Here are some American Goldfinches I photographed through the windows:

We have been fortunate to have a whole flock of finches feasting on the Chicory seeds produced in mass abundance in the gardens surrounding the house. It has been an amazing experience to see and hear them in such numbers. However, (as one who dreams of being Snow White) I find it disheartening that all the cheerful pretties fly off to the Oak tops as soon as I get close enough to photograph them. There are literally so many feeding at a time that when they take off it is like watching a field of yellow flowers disappear into the sky.

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