Monday, August 23, 2010

Duxbury Beach

We just got back from a wonderfully relaxing trip to Duxbury Beach. It was the ideal last hurrah to complete our PERFECT summer. Here’s a look at our mini-vacation at Duxbury Beach:

Once again much enjoyment was had with both sea and surf; the air was warm and breezy, the Atlantic a toasty 68 degrees and the sand perfect for sculpting. Caden met a new friend, Maggie; they entertained one another with their ingenious sand engineering skills. Caden also gave a repeat foot sculpting performance, this time creating a giant stone bedazzled shoe, an artistic achievement equal to “the big foot” sculpted previously at Old Orchard Beach. We enjoyed a lengthy exploration of the beach; we walked miles while discovering beautiful treasures of rocks, shells, tiny sand dollars and a wide variety of sea life (both living and dead). We also spent quite a bit of time playing with Hermit Crabs and talking to Seagulls. Overall our trip to Duxbury Beach was a memorable finish to the Best Summer Ever.

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