Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stone Wall 3.0

The corner stone wall has been the bane of my existence since I first started the project in the Spring of 2009.

Here is Version 1.0 [May 2009]:

Version 1.0 crashed, so we did some trouble shooting with some landscape fabric and then I rebuilt it creating Version 2.0 [June 2009]:

After a very heavy rainstorm [July 2009] Version 2.0 crashed (right before a big family reunion!). Argh! Eventually I gave the corner wall issue some more thought, and determined that the abundance of small round rocks on the very steep bank were at fault. So this past Spring I stripped the fallen wall and recycled the majority of the smaller rocks into new stone wall projects:

And Here

This then left the corner of the front garden empty and completely annoying for me to look at all summer long! So over Labor Day weekend we went to my Dad’s land in Vermont and collected some new, larger, flatter (hopefully more efficient) rocks to replace the old ones.

Here’s Caden doing all of the heavy lifting:

We loaded up my Dad’s truck, not once but twice with giant loads of rock! Below is a look at the unloading process:

Then, once the new rocks were here – I gave myself one week to build Version 3.0. I had a Boston Red Sox Birthday Bash to prepare for, and an anticipated 40+ guests soon to arrive, so time was limited. But I pulled it off, well, with some help from the Mr.

Here is the most recent (and hopefully FINAL) version of the stone wall:

Keeping my fingers crossed!

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