Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Once again Halloween arrived early this year. Much to my surprise I was able to complete Caden’s costume in time for him to go to the Halloween shindig at KUA last night. But before he partied in his furry best, I brought him to Saint Gaudens for a photo shoot. Here is Caden in his Satyr costume:

If you can’t tell from the over abundance of photos, Caden and I had a blast! Apparently I’m just mad for my new stinky goat boy muse. The weather was perfect, the sun, the setting – all absolutely gorgeous! And most importantly, Caden! I’ve never seen a Satyr with those moves, that drama and such attitude! It was hilarious! Caden had great pose ideas and totally got into the part! My 7 year old son truly was amazing to work with; he lasted an hour and a half, through 300 photos, and I only had to pay him one chocolate bar for his most excellent modeling services! He also didn’t seem to mind the celebrity treatment he received by all who witnessed him in his goaty garb! We had a fabulous time!

Hope you are enjoying your little critters this beautiful fall weekend!
Have fun Trick or Treating!
Happy Halloween!


Derek Andrews said...

I hope he appreciates what a wonderful and talented mother he has!

Amy E. Fraser said...

Awe! Thank you so much Derek! He does, he really is a great kid!

Anonymous said...