Monday, October 18, 2010

Medallions In Progress

Remember my Hand Carved Flower Molds?

This is how the final flower shapes turned out:

Each flower was created by stamping polymer clay with the hand carved molds seen above. After the impression was made I carefully removed the clay from the mold and cut around the general shape of the flower. The flowers were then fired. After, I went back in around the rough edges with a knife and carved each piece, creating a smoother, rounded or beveled edge, depending on the design.

Believe it or not, I was so thrilled with the results that I ended up making 300 of these! I guess I was afraid that I liked so many of the designs that when they were finished, I’d want to keep them all for myself and wouldn’t have enough left over to share with my medallion junkies!

After the 300 flower carvings were completed I added my standard bail, also previously referred to (by me) as the bead head. A bail is generally a hoop-like attachment for a pendant that allows a pendant to be worn on a chain or necklace. In my case it is a wooden bead encased in clay which involved a second firing and additional carving. I was very happy with the results of this step as well. Still thinking I’m going to want to keep most of these…

Anyway, at this point, 242 hours into the project, I’m happy to report that I am finally ready to start working on the finish. I’ve chosen an antique copper base for these faux Champlev√© medallions. I’m still thinking about colors. I’ll keep you posted about this work in progress. Stay tuned.

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