Monday, December 13, 2010


What happened to November?
We rolled out of October’s Halloween madness and blasted right through November with lots of giggles and mayhem! Some of my favorite highlights from November:

The Hot Mama’s Club
A fun filled evening with wonderful, beautiful, engaging women, sharing adventures, hopes, dreams, goals and ambitions. It was hilarious and enlightening. I love this group of women! I can’t wait for the next meeting!

Jeannie’s Wine Tasting and Medallion Exhibition
Jeannie’s party was AMAZING! I love Jeannie and the wild crazy positive energy that surrounds her. This sexy little spitfire has charisma to spare and she’s absolutely contagious! Jeannie put a new twist on the Exalted Beauty Medallion Party by turning it into a Wine Tasting event as well! It was so stylishly sophisticated! I would definitely recommend this concept as an option for my future Medallion Party hostesses. The three best wines won Medallions as the prize. Congratulations to Clara, Deb and Beth! I was most honored and grateful to have had the stunning and gracious Clara as my assistant for the evening. It’s kind of a big deal to set up shop and Clara truly was awesome! The party was so much fun! Jeannie’s guest list consisted of 30 of Plainfield’s finest! Many of the guests were mothers of Caden’s school friends and it was so incredible to see these fun fabulous beautiful ladies in a relaxed setting letting it all hang loose. A Huge Thank You to Jeannie and Clara! And to all of the extraordinary women who have been so supportive of the Exalted Beauty Medallions!

We had a marvelous, relaxing Thanksgiving at home; filled with all of our favorite Thanksgiving traditions and dishes.


Hockey Hockey Hockey!
Hockey started in late October and has been happening 3-5 days a week ever since! Hockey not only happens at the rink, oh no, we have a hockey training center set up in the basement, hockey diagrams discussed before dinner and hockey training videos studied on weekends. Oh my! Have I mentioned I’m not exactly a fan of hockey?

And where’s the ART?
Well, instead of going right back to work on the Empress Medallion Collection as I had anticipated, I was completely side tracked when I was asked to design a logo for the Meriden Library (which we adore). How could I refuse? Caden and I are at the Meriden Library an average of 2 days a week! I was also invited to create a second piece for David’s House. The Library image is now complete and the David's House project is still a work in progress.

To learn more about the Exalted Beauty Empress Medallion Collection in progress go
HERE and HERE. Click HERE to go to the Exalted Beauty Medallion catalog.

Here is a link to
The Loon Project that I completed for David’s House in February of this year. The new project is entitled “Feed The Birds For David” Honoring David’s House at 25 Years (in 2011). I will post more information about Eastman Recreation's new David’s House fundraiser in the near future.

In the meantime, stay tuned, I’m going to share the Meriden Library image next!

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Le Loup/The Wolf said...

Yes! you were very busy!
That's good!
Hope to see more next year!
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