Monday, January 31, 2011

Empress: Midnight

Here is an overview of the first 15 sets in the Empress Collection

Empress Midnight is the 15th color set, marking the halfway point in the 300 piece Empress collection. I wanted to thank you all so much for your kind words, excitement, and sincere interest in this collection. It has meant a great deal to me as I struggle to stay focused. This has been my most labor intensive medallion collection ever! But the reaction has been so overwhelmingly positive that I am trying my absolute best to hold onto all of that encouragement as I face what I estimate to be another 400 hours of labor before the entire Empress collection is finished. To date I have logged 620 hours into this project, and it looks like the finished collection will be an investment of over 1000 hours (equaling 6 months of 40 hour work weeks!). Some days it seems as if there is no end in site! But thanks to you and all of that positive energy, I will keep plugging away. With any luck I will be finished and ready to sell these before spring! Thank you again!

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Empress: Cornflower

Here is an overview of the first 12 sets in the Empress Collection

Empress: 3D

Here is a fresh perspective on Empress:

I photographed these pieces on an angle to illustrate the depth and dimension of the carvings and in the sunlight to provide a closer look at the luminous finish. The scanner has been great for straight frontal views as seen in all the color sets so far, however, the scanner really does not do the pieces justice, I’m thinking they are something you have to experience in person to truly appreciate :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Empress: Daydream

If you’re just stopping in and wondering what these things are, go HERE to learn more about the Exalted Beauty Empress Medallion Collection in progress.

The set above entitled Daydream is the 11th color set presented so far, with 19 more sets of ten to go! Painting the Empress medallions on this every other day schedule has proven to be an extremely difficult challenge; I’ve been finding it almost impossible to make my self imposed deadlines! However, much of that stress/time constraint could be due to the fact that I spontaneously decided to give my studio a complete makeover between sets! My darling husband calls these impetuous moments my *Storms*. Apparently I get a notion in my head and there’s no stopping me! I completely stripped the studio removing all the furniture along with hundreds of botanical studies and hare sketches from the walls; I relocated all of the Exalted Beauty Medallions and party/exhibition paraphernalia to my art storage room, hoed out 5 years worth of collected randomness, painted the walls (perhaps an overly bright shade of yellow), and then had the Mr. install some track lighting and build some fabulous new storage shelves, which I then decided also had to be painted, which then led to painting all of he studio furniture…. and… You see where this is going, right? It has been quite the experience, not much of it good. But it did lead to a magical and wondrous thing – after 5 years of living in our new house – I UNPACKED! Well, not EVERYTHING. But I was finally reunited with my treasured art books and knickknacks and, slowly but surely, between Empress sets, I’m working on finding my stuff a home in the newly organized studio space. I will share photos of the Studio Makeover as soon as I am finished. In the meantime – stay tuned for more Empress!

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Empress: Cool Rain

Here is an overview of the first 9 sets in the Empress Collection

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Empress: Antique Pearl

The Empress Collection

Happy New Year!

Today is the day that many of us will begin to work on our New Year’s resolutions. I know that I start every January with renewed optimism and a fresh plan. One of my 2011 resolutions is to complete the 300 piece Exalted Beauty Empress Medallion Collection that I started way back in October. Ideally I would like to complete it before March; therefore I have challenged myself to finish one set of 10 Empress Medallions every two days.

What takes so long? The Finish! The finish consists of a 16 layer paint process; a triple base coat of antique copper, three layers of color in each compartment, another layer of antique copper to reestablish the compartment borders, two coats of a translucent metallic wash, a bright copper highlight, an antique gold highlight, an Aztec gold highlight and then four coats of industrial strength varnish.

Here is a look at The Exalted Beauty Empress Medallion Collection in progress:

New Medallions

Medallions In Progress
Empress: Antique Copper
Empress: Color Chart

My goal was to create a Champlevé collection never before imagined, with spellbinding enamel shades in Regal Reds, Prestigious Purples, Opulent Oranges, Magnificent Pinks, Courtly Yellows, Gracious Greens, Royal Blues, Glorious Whites, Stunning Silvers, and Majestic Blacks, all contained and complimented within a luxuriously detailed antique copper setting that has been further enhanced with bright copper and gold highlights. The result: Unique, handcrafted jewels that look as if they came from antiquity, straight out of an Empress’s treasure chest. I feel like the Empress Collection exudes a sense of regality and class; that these Old World style pieces translate a sense of ancient grace and glamour to the modern woman.

Each set of 10 Empress Medallions will be categorized under its dominant color name. The 30 sets of 10 will be photographed and presented here on the blog as they are completed over the next two months.

Stay Tuned! I will post the first finished Empress set next!