Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Over 500 Books!

You may remember Caden’s goal to read 100 books over the summer and how he surpassed that goal by 115 books, reading a total of 215 books over the summer break? Well, we were extremely proud of Caden’s accomplishment and wanted to encourage him to keep going. The list seemed like a wonderful incentive for my budding book worm to keep on reading, so when First Grade began we started a new list. Caden proposed a new goal of reading an additional 300 books during the school year. We thought that number was a bit high for a boy with a busy school and sports schedule but he insisted. As of today, on this Snow Day afternoon, Caden has already surpassed his goal of reading another 300 books, totaling over 500 books in the last eight months. Amazing. Yay Caden!

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