Thursday, April 28, 2011

Meriden Library Website

The Meriden Library has a brand new website! Library Director Mary King has championed at length for this technological convenience to transport our wonderful little local library into the modern world. The Meriden Library website keeps you up-to-date on all of the library events such as story time, book discussions, special programs, and all the newest books can be viewed on “Library Thing”. Best of all (to me anyway); the Meriden Library website features my recent library logo design in a header I also designed:

I love it! Of course Mike and Mary did all the website construction – but I was able to have some input about the color. I think it turned out fabulously!

And while I have your attention, I’d also like to mention that there will be a Book and Plant Sale this weekend!

Date: Saturday, April 30th, 2011
Time: 9am-2pm
Location: Meriden Library
22 Bean Road, Meriden
Book Sale Next Door at the Meriden Grange
Plant Sale and Cookie Sale Under the Tent

For more information visit the Meriden Library website.
Hope to see you there!

AVA Auction Report

Weathered Splendor” [The Poppy Series]
Amy E. Fraser

I am overjoyed to report that my painting “Weathered Splendor” was purchased by my absolute all time favorite exhibition coordinator and all around amazing brilliant wonderful person – Kiku! Thank you Kiku! I’m thrilled to know that my work is in the home of such a magnificently talented super being!

The AVA Gallery and Art Center’s 2011 Silent Auction fundraiser was the most successful ever! My appreciation and congratulations go out to everyone who participated and supported this occasion. The proceeds from this important fundraising event help support every aspect of AVA’s art programming and mission, including art education for all ages and abilities, scholarship and internship opportunities, and year round exhibitions.

I know how much I enjoyed exhibiting my work at AVA, to recognize that it was funded in part by fundraisers like this makes me eternally grateful. AVA is a warm, supportive, wonderful environment with the most incredible staff, great exhibitions, great classes, and a great experience. If you haven’t been there yet – go participate in something AVA!

Monday, April 25, 2011


The Easter bunny presented Caden with a basket full of chocolate bunnies, stuffed rabbits and other Easter themed goodies:

Caden was so thrilled with his Easter basket that he had yet to notice the second Easter basket hidden on top of the refrigerator:

The second Easter basket contained a baseball mitt, Legos, books and of course, more candy:

But as usual, Caden’s favorite part of Easter was collecting the hidden eggs:

However, he also greatly enjoyed decorating eggs with the aid of a Dinosaur Egg kit:

Much to The Mr.’s dismay, Caden joyfully tolerated being posed with all of his Easter bunnies:

I personally think it’s adorable that he still loves stuffed animals; well, all animals really, it shows he has a kind heart. Speaking of which he even shared some jelly beans with this little guy:

It was another fabulous Easter!

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter holiday!

Boston M O S

We recently went on a trip to the Boston Museum of Science. Here is a visual overview of our super fun filled (yet educational) day:

Caden’s Favorite
Exhibits: Dinosaurs: Modeling the Mesozoic and Mathematica.
Presentation: Lightning!
Movie: Dinosaurs 3-D: Giants of Patagonia.

HERE to visit the Museum Of Science Website.

Kabuki / Kumadori

Caden was recently given homework relating to the study of Japan. Each child was given a different Japanese term relating to various aspects of Japanese culture. Caden was asked to investigate Kabuki.

Kabuki: popular drama of japan, developed chiefly in the 17th century, characterized by elaborate costuming, rhythmic dialogue, stylized acting, music, and dancing, and the performance of both male and female roles by male actors.

He was most interested in the Kumadori makeup style.

Kumadori: In Kabuki, makeup is used rather than masks. The makeup style known as kumadori (literally, “to follow lines”) exaggerates all facial lines and features. It is generally used for emotionally charged roles—strong masculine characters, mythological gods, and beasts.

Caden’s assignment was to create the visuals and prepare to discuss the various *masks* and what they represent to the class.

Here are some examples of Kumadori makeup that we found online:

Here are Caden’s version of a villain, a hero and a ghost:

And here is Caden doing a private performance with his hero mask:

HERE to learn more about Kabuki/Kumadori.


Once again Caden joined in with the cast and crew of the K-4 Drama Club. This year he participated in a play entitled “Peddler Polly and the Story Stealer”.

Caden played Jack (as in Jack and the Beanstalk). Here is a brief glimpse of him from the night of the show:

My camera wasn’t fast enough to capture Caden in his super high speed re-enactment of beanstalk chopping, but it was definitely a moment to remember forever. Directors Jill Canillas Daley and Mindy Taber put on an excellent production. The kids all did an extraordinary job and seemed to have greatly enjoyed themselves. A fantastic time was had by all!


Empress: Progress

Work on the Empress collection has been going steady since March 23rd when I posted the *final* set of 10. It is true that at that point I had completed the fronts on all 300:

However I wasn’t exactly *finished* with the collection. I still had to complete 300 Empress backs:

And string, bead, and add clasps to all 300 Empress Medallions:

And make 300 new AEF logo boxes and bags:

1,165 hours later…

I’m finally FINISHED with the Exalted Beauty Empress Collection!
Well, except for the catalog which I’m currently working on. Hopefully I’ll be able to present that before the end of the week. In the intervening time, I’ll be posting various highlights from the month of April. Stay tuned!