Monday, April 25, 2011


The Easter bunny presented Caden with a basket full of chocolate bunnies, stuffed rabbits and other Easter themed goodies:

Caden was so thrilled with his Easter basket that he had yet to notice the second Easter basket hidden on top of the refrigerator:

The second Easter basket contained a baseball mitt, Legos, books and of course, more candy:

But as usual, Caden’s favorite part of Easter was collecting the hidden eggs:

However, he also greatly enjoyed decorating eggs with the aid of a Dinosaur Egg kit:

Much to The Mr.’s dismay, Caden joyfully tolerated being posed with all of his Easter bunnies:

I personally think it’s adorable that he still loves stuffed animals; well, all animals really, it shows he has a kind heart. Speaking of which he even shared some jelly beans with this little guy:

It was another fabulous Easter!

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter holiday!

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