Monday, April 25, 2011

Kabuki / Kumadori

Caden was recently given homework relating to the study of Japan. Each child was given a different Japanese term relating to various aspects of Japanese culture. Caden was asked to investigate Kabuki.

Kabuki: popular drama of japan, developed chiefly in the 17th century, characterized by elaborate costuming, rhythmic dialogue, stylized acting, music, and dancing, and the performance of both male and female roles by male actors.

He was most interested in the Kumadori makeup style.

Kumadori: In Kabuki, makeup is used rather than masks. The makeup style known as kumadori (literally, “to follow lines”) exaggerates all facial lines and features. It is generally used for emotionally charged roles—strong masculine characters, mythological gods, and beasts.

Caden’s assignment was to create the visuals and prepare to discuss the various *masks* and what they represent to the class.

Here are some examples of Kumadori makeup that we found online:

Here are Caden’s version of a villain, a hero and a ghost:

And here is Caden doing a private performance with his hero mask:

HERE to learn more about Kabuki/Kumadori.

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