Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Chipmunks

The Chipmunks have taught me to embrace the things I cannot change. Last year the Chipmunks were havoc on the gardens. Every seed I planted was dug up and eaten by these diligent little rodents. This year I am attempting to combat nature with nurturing. Against my husband’s “Better Judgment” I have been feeding and taming them. I believe with any luck I will be able to keep them fat and happy until my seeds sprout. After which they are welcome to roam the gardens and keep down the slug and snail population. I heard Chipmunks are big fans of snails! And as an added side benefit, the Chipmunk feeding has provided hours of entertainment for our indoor cats in the form of “Chipmunk TV”. The cats have um… *enjoyed* watching the Chipmunks eating on the back porch and scurrying around the yard. However, I fear this generosity may have increased the Chipmunk population by the hundreds – you can’t walk anywhere around here with out tripping over a Chipmunk or two. On the other hand, having over an acre of high seeding wildflowers and hundreds of feet of stone walls on the property hasn’t helped matters much either. That’s where embracing the things I cannot change comes in… :) I’ll report back on how my Chipmunk plan turned out in a few weeks. We are finishing up the work on Sunflower Terraces today and seeds will be planted shortly. How long those seeds remain in the ground is up to Mother Nature.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Chive Garden

Purple Daisy


Forget Me Not

Woodland Lace



Mr. Turkey

One of the sounds of May is the consistent Gobble Gobble of the Male Turkeys. We’ve been amusing ourselves by engaging in conversations with them where they must have the absolute last word! Here’s a shot of one of them doing his lady catching parade in the driveway:

You should hear Caden creating the voice over for these displays. It’s absolutely hilarious, for some reason he believes our Turkeys speak with an Irish brogue!


Our Deer are still around, just a bit more camouflaged then they were in the snow. Here are a few snacking behind the vegetable garden:

As always we are greatly anticipating the arrival of the fawns.

School Blooms

I photographed these beautiful white blossoms at Caden’s school: