Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lighting Soccer

Lightning Soccer ended last week. It was quite the experience, not just the practices and games – but the traveling! Oh my! I hate to admit it but the trips to and from practice were the most memorable for me. I (kind of) miss my additional kids! I brought the snacks and Caden, Killian and Willa provided the entertainment! I learned so much about the kids at school and who’s crushing on who, who’s parents are strict, who’s are not, who ate what for lunch, who’s gross, who stinks and even a bit of sex ed. That last bit had me in stitches! I had difficulty keeping a straight face most days, I think they forgot I was a grown up. Lots of fun. Anyway – in addition to all the great kids on Caden’s team, he also got to hang with his cousin Griffin during the soccer clinics. Here are Caden and Griffin hamming it up for the camera:

We have now moved on to baseball and next week Sports Camp begins. Caden is really looking forward to it!

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