Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Unfortunately this past winter’s heavy snows were extremely rough on our stone walls. I’m currently in the process of rebuilding some of the first walls (from 2009) and surprised at how much I’ve learned along the way. This time I’ve got fresh materials, we collected some nice big rocks from Dave Smith’s rock wonderland. Here is a look at the corner wall re-do; bigger, bolder, stronger, and hopefully it will last a lot longer:

Here’s a look at the first version of this same wall from 2009:

Somehow I put the first version of this wall together with an interior made of pebbles! I’ve since relocated the pebbles to supply my cobblestone project (to be shared in the near future).

Here’s Caden moving some of the larger leftover rocks from re-do 1 to re-do 2:

I’ll be so happy when I get these stone walls finished!

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