Saturday, July 09, 2011

The Terraces

The Sunflower Terraces have now been converted into an additional vegetable garden. Here’s a look at this year’s version of the Terraces (July 2nd):

The Mr. was inspired to do some major improvements to the soil in the Terraces this year, so I decided to plant corn, winter squash, pumpkins and melons in addition to the sunflowers. So far, so good, the sunflowers and corn seem to be doing great. The various mounds have had mixed results due to critter damage but overall it looks like things are growing and we are feeling pretty hopeful about our fall harvest.

Here’s a look at Jody working in the Terrace garden yesterday, you can see how much everything grew in one week:

This is what the Sunflower Terrace looked like last year:

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