Friday, August 19, 2011

Cardigan Mountain Hike

Here’s a look at our hike up Cardigan Mountain:

Yesterday we enjoyed a hot steamy hike with a marvelously windy and scenic reward at the top. This was a terrific new experience for Caden; he had a great time and can’t wait to try the next mountain!

Canobie Lake Park

Here are a few moments from our day at Canobie Lake Park with Willa:

We had a wonderful fun filled day at Canobie Lake Park this week. We all enjoyed the rides and had lots of laughs to, from, and in-between our park experience. A great day! We even met Willa’s alter ego “Environmental Super Girl” rescuing the planet one paper towel at a time.

August Harvest

Here are a few photos of various veggie harvests in August:

Lots more veggies on the way! :)

The Potager

Here’s what the Potager looks like in mid-August:

Tiny Frogs

These adorable little frogs showed up in The Potager one day:

Finch Frustration

The best thing about the over abundance of Chicory in the Wildflower Meadow is the mass arrival of the American Goldfinch. We love listening to their happy chatter and watching them through the windows. However, the Finches make for terrible photography subjects; as soon as we get close, they fly away. Below are a few (not so fabulous) long distance shots:


Right now the butterflies are almost as numerous as the flowers in the meadow, everywhere you look – Butterflies! Here are a few more close ups:


Caden and I picked a beautiful batch of blackberries from our berry patch, but we had to fight the spiders, wasps and giant grasshoppers to collect our haul:

Plains Coreopsis

The Plains Coreopsis showed up at random again this summer, I haven’t planted these annuals in years but they keep showing up in various parts of our yard. I think we have the birds to thank: