Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bowling Birthday Bash

This year Caden decided to have a Bowling Bash to celebrate his 8th Birthday. This decision was mostly due to the fact that our house is currently Under Construction. I was of course saddened (and secretly relieved) by this turn of events (and now carry the heavy burden of Mama Guilt), but the kids had a really great time. Here’s a look at the happy blur that was Caden on his special day:

Here are some slightly calmer moments:

We learned that it’s almost as much fun to stuff a bowling ball in your shirt as it is to actually bowl and that there are, in fact, two kinds of splits, the kind in bowling and this kind:

This was demonstrated repeatedly by numerous talented individuals but my camera was unable to capture them all in the speed in which the splits were performed. None the less, it was a spectacle worth remembering :) .

Between games we took a break for hot dogs and chips:

And then the Bowling Birthday Cakes:

And some REALLY loud Birthday singing:

After the Big Birthday Bowling Bash, Caden was treated to a special Birthday Dinner out with his Grandparents and an additional Birthday Celebration night of his favorite dinner and presents with his parents. Here he is (in the midst of the construction) opening his gifts:

Here is a look at some Bowling Art by Caden, used on the Thank You cards:

I think overall he had a pretty excellent birthday.


About Bobbi C. said...

Eight years old? Wow, how time flies! He's cute as ever, and looks like he had a very good time at the bowling alley.

Your house is under construction again? Yikes!

I miss talking to you...e-mail me when you get a chance.

Hugs from HOT Texas...bobbi c.

Kristin said...

Sorry to be a pest, but I thought I would try one more time. Regarding a post form way back in 2007 : I was wondeirng if you could give me some quick instructions on how to recreate the wonderful ghost costume you made for your son. I want something simple but wonderful and your was just fantastic! Could you email me some direction please?
Kristin Marshall