Monday, September 12, 2011

Caden Junior

The other day Caden discovered an Eastern Painted Turtle walking down our driveway. Here is Caden posing with “Caden Junior”:

All you need to do is look at that face to see how happy Caden was to meet this incredible creature:

Poor Caden Junior seems slightly less enthusiastic about this chance meeting (or maybe he just didn’t like his new name?). However, after he realized we weren’t planning to eat him, he warmed up a bit and posed for some pictures:

Who knew that turtles were so photogenic? The markings on this guy are absolutely beautiful.

After awhile we felt as though we had taken up enough of Caden Junior’s time and while we all really enjoyed meeting him, it was obvious he had somewhere to be. We all said our goodbyes:

And brought him to the stream at the base of the driveway where we had a last parting moment:

And then the wise and wondrous Caden Junior went off into the sunset.

You will be missed CJ.

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