Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September Daze

September has been a total blur! Caden has had a flurry of activity this month; he’s been getting back into the rhythm of school and working on the idea of a regular of homework schedule, while also participating in a rigorous two week hockey camp, as well as a new season of soccer. In-between he’s managed to squeeze in a few play dates and of course the all important birthday extravaganza! We’ve been working on the house again, this time we’ve started a fairly intensive window and fireplace project that prevented us from doing our usual birthday overkill and went with a lower key event at the bowling alley with some of his school friends. I felt terribly guilty but have come to the realization that Caden (and friends) seemed to have had just as much fun with out all of my usual over the top efforts. Instead, I used the time normally spent building elaborate decorations, to make some headway on my Legend of Hare Terra project. It felt like everyone was happy with this decision and there was way less mess to deal with after the party – if you don’t count the sheet rock dust! Although, now it appears that the perimeters of the LOHT project keep changing and expanding… What was going to be a series of 20-25 paintings might end up closer to 40-50! I can’t say because I’m still in the drawing stage. So since I’m very far away from being able to share any artwork yet, I’ll attempt to distract you with photos of our construction, flowers, and critters and of course Caden’s birthday party! Stay tuned!

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