Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Caden decided to be a Vampire this year for Halloween. Here is a look at him doing his vampire thing:

Looks like the Vampire costume brought out Caden’s inner bad-boy. It’s the only time of year I encourage such behavior!

The photo shoot was awfully cold, wet and dreary and quite honestly, not as much fun as previous times. However, while we feared melting hair paint and make-up along with mud and mush, the Halloween gods were kind and no major mishaps occurred. I love how the photos turned out despite my extremely low expectations as to their outcome; which is great as we won’t have time for photo retakes. Instead we will be attending Sam’s Halloween party tomorrow night and Trick or Treating on Monday! It would be too hard to catch a Vampire amongst his friends. We are looking forward to a spooky good time! Hope you all have a very Happy Halloween!

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indianman said...

He made a very convincing vampire. The fangs look almost real.