Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Morning

Here’s what it’s really about, the pleasure of watching your child open all those presents on Christmas Morning. Ready, Set, Open!

Okay, I’m mostly kidding. While we do love to see him this ecstatic over presents, we most like to see that he appreciates everything we give him, whether it’s monster Lego projects or books or even gum, he seems to react to each and every one with the same sincere enthusiasm. It’s not ALL about the gifts, we do also teach Caden about the joy of giving and the importance of spending time with family during this time of year. Caden is very excited about a special Christmas event that’s happening with his grandparents this coming weekend, mostly just because they are coming to see him. It’s certainly not because he feels a need for any more presents! I think a big part of it is also because we’ve been working diligently on this year’s Masterpieces and he is looking forward to seeing how they respond to his latest works of art. I will share the 2011 Caden Christmas Masterpieces soon! Stay Tuned!

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