Monday, December 26, 2011

The Mantle Project

Finally, without further ado, here is a look at our recent Window and Fireplace Mantle Project:

When I went to pick out the do-dads for the Mantle, the Home Depot *molding specialist* said I was combining my Frank Lloyd Wright with a Victorian motif. I think I also threw in some Colonial and Country details just for kicks. It was met with quiet disapproval but I told her it was the new infusion style, completely Amyesque, a 100% Fraser Original. I’m not sure if she bought it but whatever the case we are very happy with the finished result. And our carpenter, a soft spoken, calm and contemplative man declared it “A Thing of Beauty”. I'm going to go with what he said. :)


Scott C said...

I agree with the carpenter.Amazingly beautiful. If I am lucky enough to own a home one day, I would want you to design my mantel.

Amy E. Fraser said...

Thank you Scott! However you are so talented I think you can come up with something pretty amazing yourself! I see hand carved wildlife!? Could be a thing... :) Hope you are well - it was nice seeing you over the holidays :) Amy