Monday, December 26, 2011

November and December

Wow, November and December flew by! We have had a lot going on these past few months. Most of it good, nothing too horribly awful to report, just so unbelievably busy!

One major catastrophe was that my computer died on November 4th. That led to a mad panic for a brief while, however, all was recovered and I was oddly blessed with a week or so without technology. I discovered that I was insanely productive! I know that sounds terrible, especially since I believe I’m not really on the computer that much, but… I guess I must have been? Anyway, I’m not sure how to explain it; but that little misfortune helped me to really get back to the basics and focus in a whole new way. Work on my Legend of Hare Terra project has been progressing fabulously (I’ll post a more in depth Hare Terra Update in the near future). I might also mention that my camera was severely injured this fall, Caden dropped it repeatedly (don’t ask), and while the camera is not completely dead, the photos taken only have a 50-50 chance of coming out. Attempting photography has been frustrating and understandably not at the top of my list. However, the lack of photos has messed with my ability to produce interesting blog fodder (admit it; you only come here for the pictures). However I do hope to get around to purchasing a new camera very soon and perhaps becoming a little less sporadic about the blogging.

So what else happened in November and December? Caden and Jody started Hockey in November and as most of you know, Hockey is a 4-5 day a week commitment (to be continued into March), very consuming for all of us, even if some of us (Me) do not go to all of the practices and away games. There’s lots of prep work behind the scenes to make Hockey happen smoothly, trust me; I’m busy with Hockey in my own way! In-between Hockey, of course there were many school appointments, events and happenings. Caden also seemed to have had an overload of homework assignments for November and December, namely the Family Heritage project, so that also kept us quite busy in our down time. And of course the Holidays! We had a wonderfully quiet and relaxing Thanksgiving here at the house with excessive feasting, and of course the past week or so has been filled with the usual list of Christmas crafty goodness (to be shared soon).

In other news, I finally got the mantle area painted! That was a major pain; I spent over a week of picking at Victorian carved moldings with a size 8 brush, OMG dreadful! But the results are fairly fantastic, if I must say so myself. Our carpenter Dick Eastman did an amazing job (photos coming soon). The Mr. has been having fun with his new toys; he recently purchased his dream bike (and is now working out on a regular basis in what Caden and I have dubbed his Captain America suit) and he also got a fancy new tractor that has been giving him hours of fun. Apparently we “needed” the tractor for the driveway maintenance, plowing and grading and so forth. There are an endless assortment of *must have* attachments that I see happening in the near future as well. Oh my. I never imagined I would be married to a man who loves tractors, but have discovered that it is a not so secret obsession of most of my friend’s husbands. Who knew? When Jody and I first got together 15 years ago he was all about race cars, he worked on a Race crew, our summers were filled with racing, even traveling to Nashville for a Racing Banquet and all things NASCAR and now… the Tractor (BTW - max speed 12 miles an hour). Funny stuff! Caden was so excited about our new tractor he couldn’t wait to report that his dad let him “drive it” in The Weekend News at school.

Well, that’s about it. Not a whole lot of exciting things to report I guess, we live a pretty quiet life up here on the mountain. My most scandalous moment, which was completely out of character, was when I suddenly developed an on-line shopping addiction and purchased everything from furniture to new wardrobes for the boys, as well as a disgusting overabundance of Christmas gifts for my beloved child. I should have purchased that new camera during my shopping binge but I have since regained my sanity and seem to be on the road to recovery, I blame the Holiday stress.

I’ll post photos from the above mentioned happenings next. I know some of you are very excited to see Caden’s pictures and the Christmas crafts. Regular life and The Legend of Hare Terra project will resume January 2. In the meantime, please join us in this, our wondrous Winter Holiday Break limbo, and peruse the fresh abundance of blog posts after a record dry spell. Enjoy!

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