Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Caden decided to be a Mummy this year for Halloween. Five days of hand sewing, twenty minutes of make-up and Ta-Da a Mummy was made:

Caden rocked the Mummy costume! It was completely his idea, having serious input as to how it was created, helping with everything from fabric choices and thread accents to paint color. It was a bit of a struggle to make his vision a reality but in the end what matters most is that Caden was very happy with the results. The photo shoot went surprisingly well considering this was the first time I used my new camera, the weather was perfect, and Caden only became bored after about 200 pictures! Overall I’d say this was another successful a Mother and Son collaborative.

Hope you are enjoying your little monsters this beautiful fall weekend!
Have fun Trick or Treating!
Happy Halloween!

Halloween Costumes

Here is a look at the Halloween costumes I have created for Caden over the years:

2007 The Ghost (Age 4)

2008 The Goblin (Age 5)

2009 The Rotten Rocker (Age 6)

2010 The Satyr (Age 7)

2011 The Vampire (Age 8)

This year Caden is a Mummy!
Stay tuned for the Mummy photo shoot up next!

Ten Months Later…

I’m still alive and working diligently on the Legend of Hare Terra project! Life has continued on as usual, I just haven’t been very good about sharing all of our many comings and goings. Seriously, something had to give in order to find more time to dedicate to my work, so, unfortunately, the Exalted Beauty blog fell to the wayside, along with my admittedly pathetic social life, Facebook and apparently all other contact with the outside world. Try to be proud, some might call that dedication, commitment and sacrifice. Sadly, our friends and family have mourned the loss of the regular Caden updates, and for that I am very sorry… But as a result, I can’t tell you how much more I have been able to achieve during the new found distraction free work hours.

I must, in addition admit that I did have a multitude of other things on my plate besides Hare Terra. I had my usual roster of Caden-ness, as well as the whole gardening/stone wall/wildflower meadow thing that happens every year, but I also completed a very special joint painting project for Opera North and the Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS) which I promise to share with you soon.

I know many of you missed the posts about my son, so let me share now - Caden has been flourishing! He has had so many amazing accomplishments, great adventures and happenings over the past 10 months it’s hard to keep track! Caden has continued to thrive in school, last spring he was runner up for the entire 1-4 Spelling Bee as well as the Second Grade Winner. He’s still kicking butt in math and on track for his future profession as Scientist. He’s still loves to read and sincerely loves school and all that it has to offer. Caden wrote a journal entry everyday over the summer to keep track of his very busy days, not only will he have the memories but he also improved on those creative writing skills. He’s still in sports full time, he had Hockey in the winter, Lightening Soccer in the spring, Baseball in the summer, Soccer this fall as well as a couple of Hockey clinics and the regular Hockey season is beginning again soon. Caden also enjoyed many diverse camps over the summer: Sports camp, Hockey Camp, Soccer Camp, MCC, Montshire Museum science camp, as well as AVA and VINS outdoor art and adventure camp. Jody and I did so many fun activities with him and his friends over the summer, we went to the circus, we did the zip lines, the alpine slides, a Red Sox game, Weirs Beach and most memorable of all was our stay in Maine at Marshall and Mimi’s incredible beach house, where we built fantastical sand sculptures that caught the attention of all the beach goers. And yes of course we did the usual Birthday Extravaganza as well as the big Halloween costume project. So even if you haven’t seen the play by play, my darling son still has the staring roll and work has come second to keeping him in the life he has grown accustomed to. I promise I will try to share photos of some of the highlights soon.

So what IS going on with the Legend of Hare Terra project? Ahhh, so much! The Hare Terra update for January stated that I was at 39 pieces and counting. I did say I was going to try to sum it up at 50… however, the ideas kept on coming… so I’m currently at 108 drawings or under-paintings if you will, with 12 more currently in progress. Let’s not address the fact that the 39 mentioned in January are not all included in that total. Ugh, I know it sounds crazy. My vision has been evolving along the way, there are series within the series, various directions, etcetera… but they all feel necessary and part of the whole. It’s huge, it’s consuming, its life changing. This project has brought on a whirlwind of emotion over the past ten months, whatever, the past three years, who am I kidding? I have experienced everything from elation to severe depression. It has been a struggle and a joy and the absolute biggest thing outside of husband and child that I have ever committed to. This has grown into an enormous undertaking that I hope so very much, is WORTH all that I (and my family) have sacrificed for it. I guess you all get to be the judge. But not yet! I’m still drawing! I’ll keep you posted on how all of that is coming along. For now I’ll state that the Goal is to end the series at 120 and be painting by January 2013.

In the meantime I’ll attempt to catch you up on some of the Caden highlights from 2012, starting backwards with Halloween. Stay tuned for some scary costume goodness!