Monday, March 25, 2013

Checking In

The last time I stopped by the blog it was January. I had that post New Year’s Day high enveloping my brain, promising great things for the year ahead. I was full of hopes and dreams and was well on my way to completing the drawing stages of The Legend of Hare Terra project. However, I was also under the delusion that I could work on that AND reorganize my house. An organized space means an organized mind, right? Well, reorganizing evolved into the purchase of new shelves and other random furniture, which inevitably led to a bit of re-decorating. When I say “a bit” I mean I also hung about 50 paintings. But then I discovered I had plenty of wall space left, so I thought… hey! why don’t I just do a few decorative paintings… Ugh. Big Mistake! But, you know me and my obsessions. My main floor has now been turned into the Amy E. Fraser Museum of Art, currently referred to as The AEFMA by my Mr.’s. Unfortunately, even months later, development of The AEFMA is still in progress. I might have completed the mission by now had I not fallen sick with a terrible cold which was then followed by pneumonia, which I am STILL recovering from. Not to mention other irritating tragedies this winter, like my car broke down twice, my computer caught another virus almost causing me to lose all my work on Hare Terra and well, there was lots of other annoying stuff but I digress… So, while I know this is probably a horrible waste of time, I feel compelled to continue the “Museum” project. I know I sound like I’m bailing on Hare Terra, I’m not, I promise. I’ve convinced myself that this detour is a good thing, a symbolic close to my past work and past career paths. I’m so completely bored doing the decorative paintings that I’ve once again become grateful that I was not hired by that local design firm a few years ago (Seriously). By hanging those pieces in my home, I’m committing to NOT selling them, to moving on and devoting myself completely to my new role as creator of Hare Terra. I know that sounds strange but it’s working for me. So please bear with me. In the meantime, I’ll share some recent photos of our backyard critters and the new decorative works. Stay tuned!

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