Monday, March 25, 2013

Grumpy Brunch

One crisp sunny morning I caught a moment between two Red Squirrels that struck me as a hilarious but Grumpy Brunch:

Here was Hank enjoying his late morning brunch when his annoying neighbor Marv happens to drop by, again. Hank reluctantly invites Marv to share in his meal.

All is fine for a while, until Marv goes on and on, telling that same boring story he always tells about how he got that stupid human to give him a year’s supply of peanuts. As if.

Until finally, despite Hank’s best efforts to gather himself together and stay calm...

He finally snaps! Hank finds himself viciously attacking Marv!

With Marv finally gone, Hank throws himself across the bowl screaming “Mine! All Mine!”

Even as he looks back at the human, it never seems to occur to Hank where the snacks in the bowl came from in the first place. Or that perhaps Marv was telling the truth.

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