Saturday, March 30, 2013

Weasel Portrait

The Weasel is the third animal in the Woodland Portrait series:

“Weasel” Woodland Portrait
Artist: Amy E. Fraser
Date: March 2013
Size: 10” x 12” Oval
Medium: Acrylic Glaze on Watercolor Paper

Early one morning the cats were going insane, howling and digging at the French doors. I went to see what all the fuss was about; assuming it was another squirrel fight, but when I looked out, it seemed as if nothing was there. Sometimes the Turkeys come up on the porch to torture the cats and vanish as quickly as they materialize. No Turkey tracks, but then I caught sight of a wispy black shape racing across the snow, I looked closer and this adorable white creature began to take shape. Of course I squealed with girlish delight, exclaiming what is that thing? It’s SO cute! My husband replies it’s just a weasel. What? I thought weasels were mean and hideous. This thing was magnificent! Then, me and the weasel, we had a *moment*, gazing at each other through the window, smiling, him on his hind legs practically about to wave… and then the Mr. says, uh aren’t you going to get your camera? Oh I forgot. Caden wakes up, grumpy, Mama what are you making so much noise about? Moment over. So later I excitedly shared my weasel sighting with my father-in-law (woodsman and critter expert), and you know what he says? That the weasel was only smiling at me because my throat was exposed and he was thinking about ripping it open and drinking my blood. No, not my weasel! :)

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