Friday, March 29, 2013

Woodland Portraits

The next addition to the AEFMA will be the Woodland Portraits. This will be a series of 14-20 10” x 12” oval shaped animal paintings. At first I imagined this new series as dark and Victorian (which is probably where the oval frame obsession originated), then I changed my mind and began imaging other delightful fairytale scenarios, like the golden halos of medieval times, or elaborate castle backdrops, or two or three characters having a “moment” but that’s pretty much where I am going with the Legend of Hare Terra series… So I looked into the eyes of our critters and realized that the best way to truly honor OUR beloved woodland friends is to paint them as simple and straightforward animal portraits (no bow ties, spectacles or crowns for our wild beasties!). I will after all, be representing simple country animals, ones that have actually spent time in our yard, that have shown no inclination toward magic or interest in clothing, real, adorable, but wild animals, which we have grown extremely fond of and feel a personal connection to. Therefore I will do my best to paint them just as they are. The oval frames I was finally able to purchase (after much searching and dismay!) are 10” x 12”. I will be displaying them in groups of two and three amidst the already heavily blocked floral instillation dominating The AEFMA. I think the oval shape will compliment the oval theme in our recent mantel project and provide visual relief from the abundance of square and rectangular grid patterns. The Woodland Portraits will hopefully add just the right touch of fairytale whimsy, without getting too cutesy. Stay Tuned! I will present the portraits as I paint them.

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