Saturday, December 27, 2014

Caden's Masterpieces

Here are the amazing Masterpieces Caden created as Christmas gifts for his Grandparents this year:

Artist: Caden Fraser Perkins (Age 11)
Date: December 2014
Size: 12” x 12”
Medium: Watercolor, Sharpie, Acrylic

Silver Owl Ornaments

Here are some adorable silver Owl Ornaments that Caden and I created:

You may have noticed that these Owls have a bit of an industrial steam punk edge? Caden and I played around with some of the molds previously created for the Exalted Beauty
Geared, Voyager, and Mindworks collections.

Snowflake Ornaments

Here are some delightfully simple silvery blue Snowflake ornaments:
These Snowflakes were made with the same technique I used to create the Empress Medallion collection in 2010. Click Here to learn more or Here to see the Exalted Beauty Empress collection.

Wooden Deer and Owl Ornaments

Here are some fun little Deer and Owl Ornaments that I created from wood scraps left over from The Exalted Bird Bistro project:

Caden wanted everyone to know that he acted as both Art Advisor and Cuteness Judge on these.

Christmas Bunnies

Here are Henry and Melvin enjoying an adventure under the Christmas Tree:

Christmas Morning

Caden and the cats on Christmas Morning:

Christmas Tree

Here is a look at this year's Christmas Tree:
Go HERE to see our Christmas Trees from 2013-2007

Caden's Christmas Cards

Caden made these charming Christmas cards for his Grandparents:
Artist: Caden Fraser Perkins (Age 11)
Date: December 2014
Individual Card Size: 4” x 5”
Medium: Colored Pencil and Sharpie

Caden's Art

Here are some art related assignments Caden completed this year:

Artist: Caden Fraser Perkins (Age 11)
Date: 2014
Medium: Watercolor, Sharpie

Hockey Picture

Here is Caden’s 2014-2015 season hockey picture:

School Photo

Here is Caden's 5th grade school photo:

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Caden decided to be a Werepanther this year for Halloween:

This year Caden's Mama-made costume was another 5 day hand sewing extravaganza that was way more hairy mess then I ever imagined! Not to mention, this Werepanther costume started out a lot cuter then my 5' 2" 110 pound 11 year old would have liked. So after me and my Mr. stopped laughing at how adorable he looked, I did my best to make it look tough, you know, big shoulders, pecks, muscles, spikes, the standard manly stuff :). I'm not sure how successful I was as the Mr. continued to make comments about a certain Broadway show... but overall Caden seems fine with it. However, I'm thinking next year he's getting a store bought costume!

Here is a look at some of the other Halloween costumes I have created for Caden over the years: 

2007 The Ghost (Age 4)
2008 The Goblin (Age 5)
2009 The Rotten Rocker (Age 6)
 2010 The Satyr (Age 7)
2011 The Vampire (Age 8)
2012 The Mummy (Age 9) 

2013 The Devil (Age 10)  

Hope you are enjoying your little monsters this chilly fall weekend! Have fun Trick or Treating! Happy Halloween!