Thursday, March 20, 2014

Project Sleuth!

Here is the poster and 3-D part of Caden’s 4th grade Project Sleuth:

As you can see he chose to research Evolution this year. And yes I helped, mostly with the paint, but the majority of the sculpting and drawing is Caden’s. There is a bit of clip art included in the center of the poster that Caden added his personal touches to. I just helped make his presentation a bit more "professional". I am extremely happy with the end result, as I am with all of our collaborations.

Right now Caden is using this morning's two hour snow delay to practice his speech for the Project Sleuth presentation tonight. He volunteered to be one of the six presenters this evening. I’m a bit nervous for him, Evolution is a large and complicated concept that has even today’s scientist dedicating entire careers to it. Originally I had doubts about how much a 10 year old would truly be able to comprehend and hoped to steer him away from the topic to something simpler. However, hearing him practice now, I feel confident that he made the right choice. I’m looking forward to seeing him present this evening – although – not sure how much one can say about Evolution in 5 minutes?

Last year in Ms Johnson’s 3rd class it was The Solar System. The year before in Mrs. Maslan’s second grade class, he chose Albert Einstein. I’m not sure why I forgot to include the artwork for those two presentations, I must have spaced!

Anyway, if you’re interested, here is a look at Project Sleuth from First Grade.
Here is a look at Project Sleuth from Kindergarten.

As for me – I’m still diligently plugging away at The Legend of Hare Terra project. Slowly but surely, the series is Evolving! :)