Wednesday, June 17, 2015



Fox Family

Beautiful Buck

Happy Abundance

So many Daisies!

Blue Bird





Blackberry Blossoms

June Potager 2015

Here is a look at our garden (otherwise known as “The Potager”) in early June:

I know, it’s a bit weedy and I started kind of late but it took a while to get it cleaned out enough so that I could plant again. Three days after the last snow in April I was out there hand tilling and throwing down a whole lot of bunny seeds. Apparently I was desperate to bring in Spring, but the result was that the May version became a lettuce jungle. I’m also dealing with bigger healthier shade trees, but rather than fight it or chop down the trees, I planted a lot more shade friendly plants. The Mister put in all new posts and gates, so that part looks awesome! Besides, I’m still working on it, and with more of Beary’s help it should be looking fabulous in no time. I’ll probably torture you with more Potager posts soon!